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Rennline Race RVS sleepoog

Deze RVS sleepoog kunt u vooral goed gebruiken bij trackdays.
Omdat die neerklapt steekt hij niet zo hindelijk uit zoals het standaard oog.

Rennline's stainless steel folding race hooks install in minutes on any BMW with factory screw type removable tow hooks. Unlike the aluminum units on the market that are usually advertised as "for decorative purposes only", Rennline's stainless steel tow hooks are precision machined and will stand up to the extreme abuse seen in any race environment. These pulls have a 2" opening as required by most organized race events and screw directly into the factory bumper pull location. Each hook comes with a rubber bumper to be applied on the back side to insure your bumper cover will never get scratched from hook contact. Also included is one red tow sticker. Keep the corner workers and track officials happy by installing a set of hooks that are both highly visible and highly functional. Why is ours the best:

  • Ours is the original folding tow hook that has proven it's self 1000's of times over the years.

  • Fully machined and chamfered edges to eliminate cutting tow straps

  • Flawless brushed surface finish

  • Through bolt design - Some hooks on the market have bolts on each side resulting in very little thread contact causing hook failure.

  • 300 series stainless steel

  • Two Red Tow Stickers included

Prijs; 125.- incl. BTW exl. montage

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